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Isotridecanol polyoxyethylene ether ammonium sulfate
Time:2019-11-21 11:09:22  Read:250
Alias: sulfonated isomeric alcohol ether, isomeric alcohol ether sulfonate, sulfonated e1310

Model: emulsifier E-1310SA

Characteristic and applications:

1. It has excellent water solubility, decontamination, emulsification, lubrication, cleaning, dispersion, anti-static and anti rust properties, excellent electrolyte solubility, and stability to heat and alkali. It has the advantages of acid and alkali resistance, hard water resistance, inorganic salt resistance, high temperature resistance, good biodegradation and low irritation. At the same time, it has strong degreasing power.

2. It has antistatic property, smoothness, wettability and corrosion inhibition, and is used as raw material to improve spinnability in synthetic fiber processing. It has hygroscopicity and good antistatic property at low temperature. It is widely used as antistatic agent in chemical fiber oil agent. It is used as the main component of industrial alkaline cleaner and dry cleaner, metal working fluid, organophosphorus pesticide emulsifier and textile oil agent.

3, good solvent, emulsion polymerization emulsifier, pigment dispersant, cosmetic emulsifier, oil well drilling mud dispersing agent, paper industry deinking agent, degreasing agent and levelling agent for leather industry.

4. It has good detergency and is used to prepare high-efficiency non-toxic detergent. Widely used in daily chemical industry, it is one of the main components of shampoo and various cosmetics.

Package and Storage:  

Metal pail, 200Kg/drum or plastic drum, 50Kg/drum.