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Isomeric ten alcohol polyoxyethylene ether phosphate
Time:2019-7-25 10:13:58  Read:325

Chemical composition: derivatives of alcohol ether

Technical specification:

Appearance (25 ℃): light yellow transparent viscous liquid

PH value (1% aqueous solution): ≤ 3

Content: ≥ 98%

Permeability (5g / L, 100g NaOH / L): ≤ 60s

Characteristic and applications:

This product has strong penetration under strong alkali and high temperature conditions, and has excellent emulsification, deoiling and washing functions. In alkali and oxygen desizing, the size can be quickly emulsified and removed, which significantly improves the gross efficiency.

It can be compounded with OEP-70, OASE, RP98, etc. to make high-efficiency concentrated alkali resistant scouring agent, which is mainly used to make penetrant, scouring agent and detergent.

Package and Storage:

Metal pail, 200Kg/drum or plastic drum, 50Kg/drum.

Storage period: two years.